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ARTolerance mission is to advance the role of the arts in dialogues, transcend communication boundaries and explore common ground, through performances, events, conferences and workshops.

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ARTolerance Platform

ARTolerance seeks to create common ground between peoples of different national, cultural, social, and religious backgrounds using artistic tools and processes. Experiencing harmony and dissonance and exploring musical modes of different cultures through improvisation require mindfulness and compassionate listening, qualities that are essential to creating dialogue. Through our proposed platform, Dialogue in Three Movements, we aspire to give a voice to all individuals, particularly those who have historically been in conflict, and inspire everyone to build bridges towards peaceful co-existence. Dialogue in 3 Movements: An artistically driven approach to conflict transformation 1) Solo Introductions In a workshop or public event, individual artists will present a solo to introduce their identity, whether it be cultural, religious, political, artistic or social. Subsequently, participating religious, political, academic and community leaders will share their identities through speaking, chanting, praying or any other form of expression. 2) Getting to Know You [...Read More]

Our Founder

Udi Bar-David

Udi Bar-David

Udi Bar-David, ARTolerance Founder and Artistic Director, Cellist with the Philadelphia Orchestra

Udi  Bar-David is widely considered one of the most versatile cellists in the world, performing on international stages with both classical and ethnic musicians. Udi studied in Tel-Aviv, with Leonard Rose at the Juilliard School, and Orchestral Conducting at Curtis Institute of Music.

Udi won the International Villa Lobos Competition in Brazil, and appeared as a soloist with numerous orchestras, including the Jerusalem Symphony and Philly Pops. He was featured on the TODAY show, and was represented by Astral Artistic Services and the Center for Jewish […Read More]

Leo Sarbanes Interviews Udi Bar-David

  Leo Sarbanes is a sophomore music major at Penn. Leo was fascinated by ARTolerance performance earlier in 2017 and the potential to communicate across art mediums for a unique, deeply emotional experience. He was very interested to learn more about the different styles of music with which Udi Bar-David has engaged over the years (including Israeli and Arab musics, as well as the symphonic literature) and what they mean to him, as well as Udi's musical origins, the course of his career, and how is playing style and philosophy have changed along the way.   An important assignment [...Read More]

Our Partner

YMCA Jerusalem Youth Choir

The YMCA Jerusalem Youth Chorus

The YMCA Jerusalem Youth Chorus is a music and dialogue program for Israeli and Palestinian teens from East and West Jerusalem.  Through the co-creation of music and the sharing of stories, the chorus seeks to empower youth in Jerusalem and inspire singers and listeners around the world to work for peace.  The chorus, now in its sixth year, performs regularly in Jerusalem and abroad, and has been featured for its innovative musicianship and interpersonal integrity in media from the Late Show with Stephen Colbert to the New York Times.  Its music video, HOME, has received over 400,000 views on YouTube, opening up new ways for people to see what is possible, beautiful, and necessary, in Jerusalem.  Most recently, the chorus’ founder and co-director, Micah Hendler, was selected for the Forbes 30 Under 30 Music list for 2017 for his groundbreaking work in the field […Read More]